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Vegas: Cadence & Eli
March 10, 2009, 10:49 pm
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The last couple of months have been a whirlwind of traveling, learning, growing, thinking, inspiration, love, joy, changes and much more. One of the first trips we took was in February. We went to WPPI, which is a wedding convention in vegas. We networked with other photographers and attended the tradeshow to look at a ton of new products. I was invited to a girls shoot with Jen of Photogen-inc, Sarah Rhoads, Brooke Swab, Laura Kay, and Melissa Louise. We wandered around Fremont district in the old part of Las Vegas. There were a ton of old signs, interesting people and cool backdrops. Cadence & Eli, did a wonderful job as models even with 10 photographers looking on. They rocked it out!















~Danielle K.

Gilbert, we still love yah bud…
March 2, 2009, 2:51 am
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We’ve had Gilbert now for about a year and three months.…..He’s still a youngin’ and he’s still rockin’ the puppy mentality as if he was just 6 weeks old.

We’ve noticed that having a dog is pretty essential to our everyday life.….why, because he’s not only an excellent feet heater, door guardian, fence sniffer, foot licker, bun warmer, camping buddy, sheet burrower, and Steadicam “see how fast I can chase something on the ground” practice model, but most of all he is a mini best friend, family member and.…….super efficient maid around the house.

Here are many of his most useful tasks:
#1 He helps with the dishes (licking them while they are in the dish washer)

#2 He keeps the floor squeaky clean by attacking dirty socks and dragging them across the floor at warp speed, in effect, thoroughly keeping up the just-polished look. I’ve even contemplated putting some PineSol on the bottom of the socks and see if he could polish as well as sanitize, killin’ two birds with one stone.

#3 Gilbert is also constantly vigilant and on the look out for any dropped food during the breakfast, lunch, and diner activities, which is handy if your hands are full holding a tasty taco and some meat falls out onto the floor and you cant reach down to grab it.

In return for helping Danielle and I out with the house we tend to treat Gilbert like he’s the king of the place….and in turn he acknowledges this and rules with in iron paw. One thing he truly enjoys is TOYS, Toys and more TOYS.….we spent hundreds of dollars on toys, and like any dog he’s gotta have some fun in life playing with things that make extremely high pitched noises, squeak like they are dying, or are part of some animal (such as his new favorite: the deer antler)


HOWEVER.……these toys are things that are played with for about two seconds and then dropped….given up on….and become BOOORING …gradually fading off into something that he just leaves in his bed…or somewhere in the abyss that is underneath the couch. After he’s had his 2.25 second run with each new toy he looks for something new….and let me tell you….he has found his top three NEW toys that NEVER get boring….however, naturally, they are some of the most inconvenient things on the face of the Earth for a dog to literally become obsessed with…


Number 1: Is the $29 Giottos air puffer that is used to clean off dust off camera lenses

Number 2: Any type of plastic water bottle…big to small, he loves them. And will happily steal them from you when you are not looking. Its perfect when there is a little water in them, and he shakes them and sprays water all over the house as he flees upstairs

Number 3: Hangers.…….you can image how this all goes down on closet clean up nights.… scenario: You just get a nice crisp shirt back from the cleaners and then you decide to go put in into the closet and all the hangers have been stolen from your bed and scattered throughout the house.

But in the end….its doesn’t really matter what toys be likes, he’s our best friend the companion. Gilbert….don’t worry buddy, we will always love you no matter what toys you choose :)


Sleeping Standing up.

Vegas WPPI 2009 + Photobooth Lovin’
February 24, 2009, 4:10 am
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Danielle and I had a great time at WPPI in Las Vegas this year. We are deeply grateful to have met all the incredibly talented, friendly, and passionate people there who share in the love of capturing beautiful imagery. The whole experience was unforgettable and we are definitely going next year.

Here are a couple photos that we shot with the new wide format polaroid-esque camera they we got at the trade show. Also, as you may know, Danielle and I are pretty much addicted to photobooths….and we cannot pass up any opportunity not to get it one and rock it out like we used to back in the day at the Central Washington State Fair in highschool ( btw, the Central Washington State Fair was pretty much the coolest thing to go to before the advent of attaining a drivers license)

~Casey Warren




While I was looking through a cupboard last night I stumbled upon some older photobooth slides from a wedding that Danielle and I shot last summer in the San Juans. I rescanned them and thought I might throw them up on the blog :)



Sushi al la awesome
February 23, 2009, 2:48 am
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Danielle and I made a pact to start making our own lunches everyday, should be fun. Heres a taste of what I’m having for tomorrows lunch!!!!! Homemade sushi! BOOYEAH! MIND|Castle Cafe style with Cucumber, Avocado, and some succulent extra firm tofu.

~Casey W.



Hawaii || 2008
December 14, 2008, 12:47 am
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Thats right, in less than 8 hours we will be off on our way to Hawaii! We will try to update the blog as much as we can while we are away! Have a great holiday season and we will see you when we get back!

-danielle & casey


Love you!
October 15, 2008, 10:18 pm
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Love you! Found this photo while editing…thanks for always being there for me. My light tester, biggest supporter and best friend. -d

Summer Sunset || Kirkland, WA
October 7, 2008, 3:27 pm
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Oh summer sunset how i miss you! Found this photo while editing J&J’s wedding from August.

Vintage Photobooth. Polaroids. San Juan. Rosario Resort.
September 9, 2008, 1:01 am
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On the morning of Even and Ashley’s wedding at Rosario I was driving back from our room because I had left some Polaroid film in one of the bags. On the way there, a large truck came barreling down the road, the speed limit was 15, but the truck driver decided that double that would do. Through the dust I made out what was written in bold letters on the side “Rent-A-PhotoBooth”

Back in the girls getting ready room I casually asked Ashley if they had rented a photobooth for their wedding. In a burst of excitement she said “YES, with unlimited photos too!!”….I thought…UN…LIMITED…whoooaaa..In my mind the room fell silent…

…..UNLIMITED……you’ve got to be KIDDING me..

……Ashley wasn’t kidding. And unlike at the theme park photobooths where Danielle and I usually shell out $70+ on rolls and rolls of film, we got to rock it out all night long with no limit..NO LIMIT!

After the all night photo session we woke up the next day to beautiful weather and empty stomachs. A good thing when you are surrounded by awesome beachside restaurant’s….except the beachside one that we tried was a lot of salad for a lot of money…not too good. Check that one off the list on what not to do..So we hit up a local home grown organic market, very niice. They had 100% fresh Acai Juice! Very good. After that we shopped around a bit, took some photos and then for Lunch hit a super hip island themed mexican place. The salsa amazed my mouth :)

We didn’t want to miss the next ferry off the island so we drove the 40min drive to the dock. Got there at 2. Next ferry ride was at 3:30….it was full…next ride after that was 7pm…chilled in the car. slept in car. got intense headache. Cars hurt as beds.

Woke up.

15mins till departure. Polaroid time! Yes!!!!

….NO, out of film. Done…


…..NO….out of battery….Done…

We slowly drove onto the ferry and low and behold in the bottom of the bag was one last battery! YES!

Anyway, long blog post. Long story. Here’s the photos! :) We truly had a great time on the San Juan islands. The weather was amazing and it seemed like everytime we took the ferry, both there and back, we hit sunset at the perfect time to see it set over all the islands.

~Casey W.

Some of the Polaroids from the first ferry ride and then some from the wedding.

The Orcas Village landing where the ferry pick up and drop offs. Cool place, they have an ice cream shop on a cliff that over looks the harbor :)

Some really cool buoy’s that were hanging outside one of the shops at the Orcas Island Inn.

On the road to the ferry. We decided to take the long way with dirt roads, dense forests, and some really cool old beach houses along the cliffs. FYI….driving while simultaneously taking photos results in lots of blurry ones. Lots…

A really cool little chapel on Orcas Island. It wasn’t open so didnt get to check out the inside, but we took some photos at the beach right next to it.

Finally, on the ferry and departing Orcas. This was one of the local docks that was right by the launch off point. It was pretty cool, there was a little kid next to me taking photos of all the boats too, he was super cool.

Another view right after we left the dock. There were so many cool cabins and log homes tucked away into the woods by the water. Must be a pretty cool place to live.

A pretty neat old sail boat that was floating out by the ferry.

Moving faster! I love the greenblue color of the water as it moves and all the little ripples it creates when it flows into and mixes with different currents.

Sunset hit at the right time. This was just seconds after that other ferry passed us on this side….wish I had the charged camera battery when that happend. But oh, well, got some cool shots on the sun over the islands.

Same view, but wide.

The last image of the day as the sun faded into a bright moonlit night. The stars were amazing outside and the ocean was reflecting the moon. We got off the ferry and headed back home…end of a great trip and an awesome wedding!

~Casey W.

Not so much of a small puppy anymore :(
August 21, 2008, 11:20 pm
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Looking for some photos on my hard drive and found this! He is getting so big!


Vancouver BC: part 2
August 16, 2008, 1:18 am
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Tomorrow were shooting Cheryl and Andrew’s wedding at Hycroft Manor near down town Vancouver. Check back to see some photos from the shoot and the rest of the photos from the hike up Grouse Mountain.

Today we got a chance to check out some really cool places around town. We found this totaly rad cup cake shop that was decked out in pink, pink and more pink. The cupcakes were top notch in both style and flavor. We’ll be sure to post some photos from that as well.

~Casey W.


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