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Cliffs….and boats! :)
June 24, 2007, 11:41 pm
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Hey, here are some photos from today. We went out to some really cool senic locations that were incredibly high up above the water…whoowe, wouldnt want to fall off the edge. We also got some cool after sunset photos with the 15mm fisheye lens. There were so many pictures I could only get these edited, but I will post some more tomorrow after we get back. We are planning on checking out the Iao Valley rainforest on the other side of the island, should pretty neat to trek deep into the damp forest valley.

The picture explains it all…!

Some of the cool people made rock formations

A view from the highest cliff

One of the best snorkeling spots ever! and a pretty nice view from above.

Senic view of the coastline

This shot was taken when I was standing on a extremly narrow ledge with 40+ mph winds….and holding three cameras…backpack and waterbottle. Scared.

Tour boats parked in the snorkeling area.

These flowers are totally awesome. They spin around as they fall down from the trees.

After sunset bluish glow. The moon looks really cool, shrouded in the clouds.

I had to run outside in the middle of dinner to go capture this awesome rainbow that was in the sky, luckily I did so, because after we were done eating it had long since faded away.

Rockin some MIND|Castle style, Gotta love the fisheye lens!


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So where is Danielle’s leg in the first picture?

Comment by Jess

oooohhh…sucky…they are together 🙂


Comment by mindcastle

awesome shots looks so fun.

Comment by Mike Hedge

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