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Molokini Adventure
July 2, 2007, 6:57 pm
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Armed with a waterproof camera we got some awesome photos from this fun-filled, aquatic, sun burnt adventure. We arrived at 7:00am and departed shortly after. We found out that if you have decent snorkeling equipment (which we do) bring it (which we didn’t) because the masks they supply leak heavily and smell like burnt plastic. But other than that, it was an awesome trip well worth it.

Early on in the trip we got to go to the other side of the Maui coastline where there was still an ancient lava flow and spanned right out into the ocean. It was pretty cool, probably about 60-70 high solidified lava cliffs that made some pretty spectacular sights when the waves came crashing into them.

After that we rode out to Molokini which is an ancient vent to the larger volcano Haleakala that makes up much of Maui’s mountainous territory. Molokini, was once a very active volcano that has become dormant over the last two thousand years, the extent of the crater reaches deep into and down towards the ocean floor some 500ft below. Pretty awesome sights.


The “Maui Magic”

need wider angle lens!


That’s “say ‘Cheese’ (times one-thousand)

Searching for sharks

Maui in background

Tons of fish!

Coral + Friends

Yeah looks pretty huh, untill you jam you leg into one and it cuts your foot. Which I did. Darn ocean currents.


Check out the turtles!




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What fun you guys! But to be honest, Sea Turtles freak me out! When I was in Hawaii last summer we had one come out of nowhere and follow me around in the waves. It was scary!!

Comment by moorephoto

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