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July 15, 2007, 1:49 am
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The fantastic Finley family photos, photographed on the fifth of July in one-hundred and five degrees.

Ok, so we FINALLY got the FINLEY family photos ready for bloggin’

We took these photos in sunny Lake Chelan last week and we have been anxiously waiting to post them online….why, because the whole entire family was meant to be on the cover of the next Ralph Lauren clothing catalog! They rule! However, it happened to be like 105 degrees out that day and burnin’ But, despite the heat, we had a great time! everyone was totally awesome. They got it perfect. It was truly exciting working with them becasue they were so easy to get great faces out of šŸ™‚

And after the photoshoot we got to go swimming with all of them and then eat some nachos, mini-tacos and chips…..Those three things + a relaxing swim could not be beat! The whole family has such passionate hospitality that we can’t do anything more than say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

Great photoshoot!

~Casey + Danielle






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how AWESOME. Those kids (& family) are so cute! These are wonderful, and I love the Polaroid layout you have goin on! šŸ™‚

Comment by moorephoto

This is SUCH a creative layout! Makes me want to order 8×10’s of these “family album” pages!

Comment by julie finley

Absolutelsy BEAUTIFUL family & AMAZING photos, very creative! GREAT work, sign me up. (Can you make my family look that cute?!?)

Comment by Kellee Montmeny

Wow, those poor troglodyte Finleys.

Comment by julie finley

Oops! It was I, not Jules, who called the Finleys troglodytes. (Which was a joke, of course…they look like JCrew models.)

Comment by rhonda wilks

JCrew, Ralph Lauren, Abercrombie, GAP….take your pick! they could land jobs with any of those…

Comment by mindcastle

Just beautiful. It makes me think of the country song…”All because two people fell in love.” What a beautiful family. The parents must be so proud. Thank you for sharing.

Comment by Sonja Bossert

Casey and Danielle made the photo shoot easy and comfortable. They listened to our requests and worked their magic to capture everyone at their best. All of this in 105 degree weather no less, Thanks!

make it all turn out photos with their professional touch.

Comment by Terry and Erin

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