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August 24, 2007, 3:12 pm
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There is a game going around photography blogs where if you are tagged you have to tell 8 unknown facts about themselves and then tag someone new. Our good friend Shannon Sewell tagged us so here goes mine:

Danielle’s 8 facts:

1. don’t eat red meat -havent for almost 7 years. Only chicken, turkey and fish. Partially due to a conversation with my cousin, uncle and dad about how meat is processed, but mostly due to how it makes me feel.

2. don’t like peanut butter, bannanas or chocolate, the only time I will eat peanut butter is if it is in a sauce like thai peanut sauce, I will only eat banannas if it is in a smoothy, pancakes or bread and if you cant actually taste the bannana. I only eat milk chocolate such as “kisses” but I really don’t care for it at all.

3. every time my dad tried to video tape me when I was little I would run up to the camera and yell “dayeeee” therefore there arent any good videos of me when I was between the ages of 2 and 5

4. I have 34 peoples blogs on my google reader, all of which I read daily. Sad I know, but it is true! The first thing I do in the morning is check my email, blog and the google reader!

5. When I first met Casey I thought he didn’t have a sense of humor, boy was I wrong!

6. Im a huge fan of cold stone, I like cake batter ice cream with cookie dough and carmel. When I first moved to Seattle I would drive 40 mins just to get ice cream there before I realized there was a coldstone about 5 mins away from my house!

7. I hate shopping, especially if I have to pay! There are way too many people at the mall!

8. I was the captain of my highschool dance team, and I took classes jazz, tap, hip hop, and ballet since I was 9.

Casey will tell you his 8 soon!

oh and I remembered another one

9. I am addicted to the show Alias. I own 3 copies of each season (the itunes version, the individual seasons and the whole show in the gold box). I started watching the show on itunes last year (when we didnt have cable) and I watched the entire first season in 2 days. I have watched the show all the way through atleast 5 times….this lead into my itunes downloading addiction. I own entire seasons of Monk, Psych, Law & Order SVU, Prison Break, Raines, Top Chef, ANTM, Project Runway and most recently: The Closer. I also bought all the seasons of Prison Break and The OC in the DVD versions.


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You hate shopping?! What??? That is one of the saddest things I have ever heard… 😦 haha, kidding- leaves more for me! 😉 And you’re a dancer? Okay- you, me, kathy- date night! Can’t wait to read Casey’s…

Comment by Shannon

I LOVE the new header! KC needs to teach me how to do that!!

Comment by moorephoto

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