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Port Townsend, WA
September 4, 2007, 2:08 pm
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On sunday, Danielle and I decided to travel to Port Townsend for the day. We arrived a little late and most of the cool shops had already closed their doors…..so we began to scout out some hotel locations to stay in. We called every place in town and only one hotel had any rooms available. The choices were slim….hmm we could either get the water front view, doulble queen bed, with a jacuzzi, or the $49 pet friendly room in the basement, which we overheard the manager talking to a couple in line before us “yeah, that room, it aint good. It’s number 25. Dark, stuffy, no windows..” So, we decided to go with the water front view. It was pretty nice, exept I think the pillows were made of hardened lead instead of cotton. But, all in all, it worked out good. We took a whole bunch of photos over the trip. At dinner, on the first night, I had to keep leaving to run out to the beach to take photos of the awesome sunset. The next day was pretty cloudy so we mainly just shopped around for awhile and then headed home.





Check it out, we saw some deer right along site the road as we were leaving. I turned the car off and rolled it in neutral and Danielle snapped some photos of this one ( I think there were three of them)

One of my favorite hotels. Completely booked however, so we didnt get to stay there.


Check out the cool texture on the back of this truck. Awesome!

Here’s the hotel that we stayed at for the night. Pretty cool place.

And another angle…

A really cool vintage theater downtown

The wait line for the Edmonds-Kingston ferry was 2+ hours so we decided to head down to the beach and explore this really cool area where there was a huge sand bar bridge to and island. On the way, we saw a cool fort that someone had build on the beach.


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great shots!

Comment by Mike Hedge

Okay guys – can I admit that I actually stared at the Cannery picture wondering how in the world there was actually one with MindCastle on it??? Ummmm yeah, nevermind! Hahaha..

I’ve forgotten how much I love Washington beaches and all the driftwood! Can’t wait to move back!

Great job guys – the blog is looking fantastic!!

Comment by tanahuffmanphoto

I love these shots! I especially like the new post processing techniques you are playing around with! Very cool!!

Comment by Michelle Moore

Did you know, I think the motel you two stayed at is where they filmed some of the old movie that had Richard Gere in it called “An Officer and A Gentleman?” Maybe you already knew, but if not thought it might be interesting. Beautiful Pictures!!

Comment by Wendy Smith

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