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September 5, 2007, 10:44 pm
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Last week we headed down to Camas, Wa to meet up with our friend and fellow photographer Kathy Carlisle of Heaven’s Eye Photography It was great to spend a week with a friend and photographer who is as passionate about photography and life as we are! Not only is Kathy an amazing photographer but she is an amazing friend an mother. Her kids absolutely adore her and they are probably the best behaved kids I have ever met. You could go on for days about the possitive qualities and love that this family holds. They are both beautiful on the outside and on the inside. After staying at their house for a few days I didnt want to go home! We definately felt like family.

Besides just having fun, we went down to Camas to shoot a video for Kathy to show what photography at Heaven’s Eye is all about (a promotional video if you will) we prefer “photography video extravaganza!” Anyway the video is not ready to view yet, Kathy will be meeting up with us later this month to finish a portion of it but I have some photos of the experience. In return for the video, Kathy did an amazing shoot of us! Check it out on her blog: POST 1 HERE POST 2 HERE ~Danielle

On to the photos:

Here is a photo of Casey videoing Kathy taking photos of her beautiful daughter Jalena. (Jalena is going to melt some hearts when she gets older!)



Here is a photo of Jalena that I took from the side while Kathy was shooting. I just love how the light was coming in. I cant wait to see the photos that Kathy did at this location!


I didnt take photos of day two of shooting so that I could help out with the video more. Jamie and Tre were also in the video that day. Here is a photo of Me, Jamie, Casey, Tre and Jalena looking at the footage after the shoot. The kids were so excited to see themselves on “TV” They thought they were movie stars! Casey and I both dont like this photo of ourselves, but it was too cute not to post. Question: Why did Casey wear a hat all day through pictures so noone could see his eyes? I dont know, either does he.(All photos below taken with point and shoot camera!)


Tre and Jamie getting ready to swim.

Tre splashing in the pool.

I think the pool was a little cold!


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Okay, I went on to Kathy’s blog and those pictures of you two are so amazing! Look how beautiful and photogenic you guys are. (Models? You don’t need no stinking models!)
I love the one with the tire and the split screen she did with the brick walls. Oooh, and the one of Danielle grabbing Casey’s leg – nice!
Between reading your blog and Heaven’s Eye, I now feel like a stalker. I just want to sit with you all and learn! Soak up your creativiy. I’m amazed!

Comment by Katie

very cool collaboration!

Comment by Mike Hedge

Best Day Ever! I can’t thank you both enough. The kids still think they are going to be movie stars and they think you guys are really famous…I told them that you are on your way! Life got just a little bit better when you two walked into our life:) Kathy

Comment by Kathy

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