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A + J + Texture = Fun!
September 26, 2007, 2:51 am
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I have always loved exploring areas where there are unique textures. In many of our photos we try and incorporate some sort of textural backdrop, surface, or landscape. However, I thought it might be cool and exciting to add some vintage textures directly on to photos and try to layer the different levels/intensity of the texture. Its really fun to see how the photos change from a more modern look, to having a pronounced feel of antiquity. For me, learning and discovering a new way to edit photos is like a mini-birthday. I think I might have to edit more photos this way, its really exciting 🙂

I will post some more tomorrow once I get them edited, but for now, its off to sleep.


Casey Warren




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Casey and Danielle!
you guys are so awesome! You are our heroes!!! We had to jump on a computer in Florence to check out the pics from the wedding, they really look amazing. We are so excited! Oh did we mention that we are basking in the Italian sun ;p Anyways we are really looking forward to seeing you guys soon. Seriously everytime we take a picture we think of how much cooler it would look had you guys taken it! see ya soon!
John and Ali

Comment by Ali John

Ali + John,

You guys rock! thanks for the awesome compliments. Danielle and I are actaully, right now, at this very moment basking in the dense Seattle fog, so HAH! take that 😉 Sun-Shmun!

Seriously, I bet its awesome in Italy. I hope you both are having the time of your lives. It was a great pleasure to take photos + video at your wedding and Danielle and I are so thankful that you both are so full of life, love and passion. Keep it up!

Cant wait for you guys to get home. See you soon 🙂


MD|CS = Casey + Danielle

Comment by mindcastle

Hey – where you guys be? 🙂

Comment by Tana Huffman

I love these pictures with the added texture.. real moody and nice.
We need to hang again soon kids!

Comment by Sarah Rhoads

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