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Behind The Scenes: Custom Wrapping Paper
December 7, 2007, 12:54 am
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We have alot of blog posts lined up from the last couple of months and we will try and post them all in order! Here is the first of many! This is one that I’ve been wanting to post for awhile but it seemed to of gotten lost on one of my hard-drives untill today! I fount it.

A couple weeks ago I took some photos of how I made some of the wrapping for some wedding photos that were going to be shipped out. I thought that I would post some “behind the scenes” photos of how I made/designed the packaging, etc. One thing I really like doing is making everything have some custome style to it. Packaging is always an awesome place to go all out!!



pack1.jpgLots of wrapping paper to insure a more precise selecton 😉

pack2.jpgI thought it might be cool to design some new stickers to go with the whole theme of the design. We made some MIND|Castle: DREAM|CREATE|INSPIRE stickers with a vintage texture feel. For the paper, I usually go to Office Depot, or Staples and get some Avery Whole Sheet sticker paper. It works really good and colors come out pretty accurate on it. It can also be water proofed with some adhesive spray that you can get at pretty much any art store.

pack3.jpgThen we made some stencils out of thick bristol board paper. We used metallic stamp ink to give the motif a more vibrant feel. I used an exacto knife to cut out the stencils…in retrospect, bad idea. I should have just used a hole-punch with a shape similar to that emblem. The bristol board help up great and didnt get to damp from the ink.

pack42.jpghmm, what ribbon to choose…..thick, thin, bold, light, small, textured….Ahh yes, the blue!

pack5.jpgHere’s a close-up of the stencils…I used a metal ruler to help keep them lined up in a stright line when I put them on the paper.

pack6.jpgAlmost done! exept for the corner, which ended up being the hardest part because there isnt anywhere to hold the box without getting a good handcoating of metallic ink….;)

pack7.jpgI taped the ribbon on with some Scotch double stick tape (awesome stuff) and then put the sticker over it to conceal the seams


pack9.jpgAhh! FINISHED! now all its got to do is dry!



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That is BEAUTIFUL presentation! Love it (but wouldn’t love how much time it’d take to painstakingly paint each fleur de lis – yikes). Yummy sticker.

Comment by Lucky Red Hen

Wow! That has to be the most amazing packaging I have seen; and most personalized, time-consuming. I applaud your commitment to finishing all your fleurs!

Comment by Lindsey Tropf

This is what I love about you guys: your attention to detail! Gorgeous! I can’t believe how many great ideas you guys have given me – now, only need to do them….. hahaha

Comment by Tana Huffman

Stop it!!! How are the rest of us supposed to work with this kind of competition?

Too amazing… as usual 😉


Comment by Shannon

This is what sets you apart from the rest. It doesn’t matter how long it takes to get to your end product because that is the part you enjoy ans shine through. Your passion and investment shows in every piece of your work, and your clients are lucky to have you. K

Comment by Kathy Carlisle

This is amazing and is something that will really impress the client. Wonderful work!

Comment by Dennis

I love that you posted about this! I have learned alot and am soo going to do this come Jan 2008!
I am like an instant fan!
-Melissa E Earle

Comment by Melissa E Earle

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