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An Early Christmas Present!
December 15, 2007, 2:34 pm
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Check it out! Danielle got me an old Polaroid 195 camera as an early holiday gift. We are in Hawaii right now and its perfect for capturing vintage looking sunsets and palm trees blowing in the wind (eerr…rain, because thats what its been doing for the past three days 😉 ) The camera is awesome. I love it, thanks D

~Casey Warren



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I am soo jealous!! Look at those images- so much fun…


Comment by Shannon

Righteous stuff!

Comment by Eric

I’m a bit envious of your Polaroid… Great shots with them also!

Comment by Enoch Photography

Oh my gosh. I have to have one of these. So perfect for Hawaii. Nice!

Comment by erin

The Polaroid 195 is well worth it….I cant believe how a 20+ year old camera can still rock out sharp colorful images. I am beginning to think film is where it AT!
Shannon, Eric, Enoch Photography, and Erin – Thanks for all the awesome comments, you all made my day!

-Casey Warren


Comment by mindcastle

Oh I love this camera and I LOVE the images you took with it!
-Melissa E Earle

Comment by Melissa E Earle

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