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Erika and Banjo: Engagement Photoshoot
December 15, 2007, 2:42 pm
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Danielle and I traveled down to Olympia for Erika and Banjo’s engagement photoshoot. We were also accompanied by Tana Huffman, an awesome photographer and friend from down in California. On the way, the weather changed from ‘slightly sunny day’ to ‘nearly winter wonderland’……..Bad? No way!!….AWESOME. Honestly, even-though it was raining and snowing during the photoshoot, I was really happy with how the photos turned out. I love them! the cloudy sky created a lighting that had a special ambience to it that made the skin tones glow. Also, the camera captured little bits of snow and rain in mid air as they fell to the ground, couldn’t have asked for more ☺

Also, Erika and Banjo had rock solid spirits and braved the cold, rain, sleet and snowy weather like it was a hot summer day. I want to thank them for being such awesome people and looking so model-licious throughout the shoot. I cant wait to take photos of them at their wedding.

We started the shoot in a woodsy park right near the ocean and the colors were amazing, the greens were incredibly vivid and the crinkled leaves were a added bonus. Erika and Banjo are both big fans of boating so we went down to the docks nearby to take some photos as well. This has to be one of my new favorite locations. The dock area had this movie like quality with a whole bunch of cool old signs, textures and a ton of vintage sail boats, almost as if it was an on-location set piece. I have to thank Erika and Banjo for showing me this place! simply awesome. Even-though the location was spectacular, to have two beautiful people in it to photograph, was the real joy. They seriously rocked the docks! (as it were) and we got some really fun photos of them there. Erika and Banjo, You guys rock!

-Casey Warren







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This is one of my favorite shoots ever!! You are right, the boat dock is to die for. Love the intimacy of the third one… absolutely beautiful guys 🙂


Comment by Shannon

Awesome Engagement pictures! Great PP on these… !

Comment by Enoch Photography

Favorite shoot ever! You guys this is such a great shoot and inspiring to say the least! You’re on fire. The collection tells an beautiful love story and I keep staring at them…especially the ones on the pier. K

Comment by Kathy Carlisle

“WHOA, HELLO” – that’s what I said when I saw your new header. AWESOME! And well Kathy rocks.

Anyways, what I came here to say was, awesome new engagement session. I love the processing! && If you made this up yourself Casey, well it’s time to start selling this stuff!!



Comment by moorephoto

Michelle (moorephoto),

Blog Header! yes!!!! KATHY ROCKS! I love her photos so much! I cant thank her enough.

Lol, I did make those those textures from some photos of an old rusted van, a canvas tent and a rock. Hopefully I can get together some texture packs soon!


Thank you for the compliments!! Yes! docks were a spectacular place. Erika and Banjo to thank for that one……Thanks guys!

-Casey Warren

Comment by mindcastle

that third one is so lovely. i love the texture and movement of it. wonderful session 🙂

Comment by shannon leith

Amazing! I loved seeing you guys work with your clients, keep positive attitudes no matter the weather and even more impressed seeing your ideas come to life in your pictures. You guys will have such a fun time at the wedding, between your vision and their beauty, I can’t wait to see the pictures!! Thanks for letting me tag along!!!

Comment by Tana Huffman

Oh man….I love the shots through the woods. Good stuff.

Comment by Dennis

That beauty is my little cousin!! Erika, you and Banjo are so gorgeous it hurts! Love, love LOVE these pics. Danielle and Casey, you guys are crazy talented. I too love pic #3. I cannot wait to see what you do with their wedding.

Comment by Katie Finley

Thank you two so so much for doing such a FABULOUS job – we LOVE how they all turned out!

Comment by Erika & Banjo

This shoot underscores what I’ve been telling everyone I know – you have to get these two before the ENTIRE WORLD is clamoring for Mindcastle! The shots are so expressive, they are a stunning couple, and you two have outdone yourselves with the post-shoot creativity.

Comment by julie finley

Great pictures. Good job. Hope you guys are having a blast in Hawaii. Love ya

Comment by Sheryl

I just found your blog.. these are awesome.. each one is lovely

Comment by Elizabeth

love. love. your work. amazing talents. your new blog banner is way too cute- love it!

Comment by kribss

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