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A new mini-product
December 19, 2007, 7:28 pm
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Check out these new mini-cards for weddings, invitations, and thank you cards. We’re including them in all the 2008 & 2009 bookings for free. They have a photo from your wedding day and/or engagement photoshoot on the front and a web address on the back that links to the photos and video website from the wedding.

…I was working on writing more formal explination of these to put on the website, should be up soon: “A perfect and easy way for showing off your wedding photos or videos to the guests, family, and friends at the wedding. On the front is a photo from the wedding day or engagement photoshoot. And on the back is a link to the online web photo gallery and/or video theater. There are so many options to choose from: you can put them in invitations with engagement photos, lay them out at the wedding for guests, or mailing them out in the thank you cards with a mix of engagement and wedding day photos. 100 cards are included in every wedding package for the 2008 season for free. Enjoy! ”

Danielle and I went out today and shot a whole bunch of photos so there will be more posted ASAWGGIC (as soon as we get a good internet connection) We went up north on the Maui HWY 30 and checked out the blowhole (pretty cool, there was absolutly no one there, and thats pretty rare 🙂 )We also drove up a little past that and took some wide landscape shots down the coasline, then we found this really cool 1950’s truck that was a bluish color and all rusty with the paint chipping off…..buuuuut, right when the cameras came out it started pouring rain incredibly hard in a matter of .5 seconds. We promised ourselves to go back tomorrow or the next day and get some photos of the truck because it was soooo cool.

-Casey Warren








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What a great idea!

Comment by Jasmine

This is a really awesome idea. I was throwing something like this around but couldn’t get it quite right. You nailed it!!! This is my first time at you blog and I will be stopping by more now!

Comment by Tonya-RedDoorPhotography

I love moo cards. great idea.

Comment by Mike Hedge

LOVE these. This is my first time on your blog too. I found it from BluDomain’s feature of Shannon Sewell. Do you mind my asking who is printing these for you? I’ve been struggling to find really good press printed products. Thanks!

Comment by Gina Leigh Bargerhuff

awsome idea

Comment by aacreation

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