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Hawaii Photos, Part 3: The road left behind
January 5, 2008, 2:33 am
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Here are a few photos from one of our first days in Maui. We went out driving on the coast to find a few places to shoot landscape photos. Since we have been to Maui and specifically up this road before, Casey and I were both determined to find new beauty in the location. (Especially since one of the photos we take on this trip will become a 30X60 or larger canvas on our wall!)

I found myself taking pictures of the roadways. I guess in some way they to me they are symbolic of the point I am at in both my professional and personal life. Constantly I am focused on the “road ahead” but recently I have been reflecting on the road I left behind, where I have come from and what has happened this year. I think that photography and life is about the experience and only when we are able to recognize where we came from are we truly able to understand why we are they way we are and the reason we look at the world in a certain way. I think that my past experiences are what led me to photography and through it I am able to view the world differently than the average person. Casey and I see beauty in the slight change of clouds, the weather, old cars that people left on the side of the road as and many walls and textures that the earth creates. Alot of things have changed and happened this year that I couldnt have expected both good and bad. Some I want to forget and others I am so happy to bring with me to 2008!

Casey and I both had a really great time shooting these landscapes. My dad came with us and Casey my dad and I hiked and climbed down almost to the waters edge on this rocky terrain to get some of the shots we did. This is a little tricky with 2 digital cameras, 2 old film cameras and a vintage Polaroid camera and extra rolls of film and a lot of wind. But we were able to see things in a new perspective. Hope you like the photos and stay tuned for a cool photoshoot where one of us was behind the camera and one was in front! Also to come: more vintage poloriods and 2 other VERY vintage things! (All the textures used on the hawaii photos are our new textures we created while in Hawaii!!).






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EVEN the roads in Maui look better than anywhere else! I guess that is due to either one of two things,
1. Great Photographers
or 2. That is what you call paradise
I think 2 😉
Ok maybe both
-Melissa E Earle

Comment by Melissa E Earle

I miss Hawaii! I used to live in Oahu for a little over a year. I love the feeling the islands gave! The people, the culture…I loooved living there!! Beautiful pictures!!

Comment by Christina LeMarr

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