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More Hawaii photos…again…BUT THIS TIME ON FILM!
April 19, 2008, 2:27 pm
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I woke up today and felt great, looked outside and the sun was shining, small white clouds hung in the sky….I made some breakfast, sat outside with Gilbert and relaxed. Then, suddenly the sun went away and a big bad ominously gray cloud rolled up and covered my happiness with SNOW!!! Ahh, I cant believe it! SO, in return I decided to take a stand against the weather and post some more photos from Hawaii! However, these aren’t just any ordinary photos from hawaii, these are FILM photos from hawaii, yup, I gave the digital camera a run for its money and shot it up old school style. Whoo ho, I love film….check out the colors! When it comes down to it, film rocks the socks off digital. There is something about film that makes it amazing: I can’t quite put my finger on exactly what it is, but the vibrant colors, and slight grain, and the sharpness in the fine details come together and make something that cant be replicated by any digital camera..ooooo…ahhhh…

Check it out.

Cameras: Pentax Honeywell & Minolta X700
Film: Kodak Portra 160 VC
Lenses: 19mm (f2.8), 50mm (f.2), 28mm (f.2.8)

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Good Blog. I will continue reading it in the future. Nice layout too.

Aaron Wakling

Comment by Aaron Wakling

Film does look awesome. I’m trying to figure out how to get that film look for my photos. I’m not a big fan of the heavy digital look. These are really nice. Maybe I’ll try my hand at actually shooting film.

Comment by j|terrell

Man, it was SNOWING and HAILING down here in Portland! Ack! Good thing that I don’t have a session until tomorrow and, luckily, it’s indoors! Gosh, when will dry weather come back and stay???

Comment by MsB

these are perfect. good for you for stepping away from the comfort of digital and into the arms of film amazingness! WORK IT OUT! 😀

Comment by bobbi+

So just out of curiosity, did you take pictures of the pictures with a digital camera? ha! They look awesome guys!

Comment by John

john-haha yah they were taken with a digital camera. Casey loves film, but you know he forgets that it cost $300 to get these processed/printed and there isn’t really as easy of a way to get them online. But really when you see them in person they look so awesome. We did some tests of taking a picture of the same thing with the digital camera and then with the film camera and the film looks way better for landscapes. Mostly because you can get the clouds to show up more realistically you get that nice gradient of color in the sky. But we will be sticking to digital for most things, just because i trust it more!


Comment by mindcastle

these shots are pretty rad. love the island-y mood!!!

Comment by april

Very nice summery photos. I returned home a week ago from warm Thailand and today in Ukraine it stars to get cold. Its always nice to look at your holiday photos at this time.
Oh, i took film camera to Thailand. And i am very happy with results. There is certainly something about film which is difficult to describe. Its more alive, warmer and with its own character.

Comment by dashotography

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