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Ireland: Day 1 & 2
June 17, 2008, 2:19 pm
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The first day we went on a bus tour and james joyce bloomsday gallery. I did take some pictures but there were so many people it is really hard to see the beauty of the area. Today we went to Trinity college and there was many places to take pictures. Here are a few pictures from our 2nd day in Dublin. I tried some new editing techniques since my old computer doesn’t have any of my normal actions. Hope you like them Casey, can’t wait to show you the rest. Tomorrow we are going to galway bay which is supposed to be amazing. love danielle

oh and thanks to shannon sewell for helping me communicate with my fam yesterday! love ya 🙂

And one last image: This is from the library at Trinity college. It is so beautiful images cannot even do it justice. The ambiance with the light filling the room and books that include 1st edition shakefpere (shakespeare) and winding spiral staircase are simply amazing. I was determined that despite the no camera or video signs everywhere that I must get a picture to show casey. Hannah was brave enough to go ask the guard if we could take just ONE picture. Of course he said no, but after looking at our pleading faces and assurances that we wouldn’t use flash (my camera doesn’t even have one) he said i could take on over his shoulder so that the other guard or guests didn’t see. This picture isn’t the best but casey don’t worry I did buy some postcards to show you! And if you want to see more just watch Star Wars with the temperature color turned way up (George Lucus took a picture from the exact spot I did as location scouting for the Jedi Library). I was going to crop out the guard, but hey it was about the experience, right?!? And if you look really closely you can see hannah distracting the other guard on the far left past the woman walking and my grandma in the light blue bending over the cases in the center to look at a book. Fits us so nicely (i am breaking the rules with the help of an authority, hannah is my wingman and grandma is learning, ha).

Okay one more: My cousin Hannah and Grandma at Trinity college.


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You lucky little girl!!!! I wish more than anything we were riding a Vespa around together:) These are amazing and the library took my breathe away. Keep having fun and keep sharing. K

Comment by Kathy Carlisle

I am so jealous!! Wow- what an amazing experience… can’t wait to see more/hear all about it 🙂 Have fun, be safe & take way too many pictures!!


Comment by Shannon

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