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France Day 2….(Day 1 of photo taking) Finally!!!
August 13, 2008, 2:34 am
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I was finally able to take a few minutes to blog these photos while I was waiting for a drive to be backed up. Here it is…for all of you that are asking! Day 1 was a travel day, so I didn’t take any photos. Here is the recap on what happened on day 1. Grandma, Hannah and I hopped onto a plane from Ireland to meet my mom, dad, sister and Casey in bordeaux. After a 24 hour flight delay (yes really 24 hours!) and some miscommunication we didn’t meet up for several hours. After sitting for several hours in the airport, Grandma Hannah and I were getting restless and after several hours of searching for us, mom, dad, julia and casey were tired and irritated. But we finally met up. We then had a 2 hour drive to Ville Nueve which after realizing that our directions only got us half of the way there, we ended up getting lost. Car 1 held, hannah, my dad and I and Car 2 held Mom, Casey, Julia and Grandma. We somehow got split up and for more than 2 hours we wondered whether the other car had made it to the destination. Car 1 had the only Map and Car 2 had the only working cell phone. Finally after more than 2 hours of being split up, at a dark roundabout in the middle of nowhere, we waited as another car was going really, really slow. As the car came around we realized that it was Car 2! There was screaming and joy! How, in all of france did we end up at the same roundabout at the same time, when we had taken two totally different routes to get there? WHEW! Anyway so after coming in at around 4 am and Mom, Dad, Casey and Julia had been up for like 48 hours we decided to take a slow day on day 2. In the afternoon we travelled to a castle nearby where we were staying. Here it is! I can’t remember the name…so maybe someone can help me out. The castle was beautiful and it would be amazing to get married there…or atleast do a shoot there! We also met a british photographer there who let casey borrow his wide angle lense! Thanks!


Kevin (dad), Hannah (cousin), Loretta (grandma), Casey, Julia (sister), Debbie (mom), Me (taking the picture!)


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sweet! i’m in love with those last two. awesome symmetry and the textures really fit the tone of the images.

Comment by Ryan Flynn

Andre and I are planning a group trip to Europe in May of 2010.. Wanna go??? Your photos make us so excited about all that we will get to see and do even though it’s almost two years away!

Comment by Stacy

yay for more pictures!!!
it makes me want to run/swim away to france….

Comment by Your Cousin

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