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Vancouver B.C.
August 15, 2008, 3:12 am
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Yesterday Danielle and I travelled to Vancouver B.C. to shoot Cheryl and Andrews wedding this coming Saturday. We decided to come a couple days early to get a mini vacation….but to start the mini vacation off we had some highly anti-vacation like experiences trying to get here….

Heres the list:

Two days before we left we were welcomed back home late one night after a wedding to a plugged toilet….to tired to deal with it we just hit the bed and slept though the night…the toilet did otherwise. It flooded all night and we woke up to a mini-swimming pool in our room…and bathroom….annd…..hallway….a..n..d……garage……We called the Service Master people and they came right away and took care of it by leaving these awesomely huge de-humidifiers in all of our rooms….these things are seriously awesome…they put out a perfect “white noise” fan sound (great for sleeping) and dry up every single water drop in sight…you can step out of he shower, do a 360 turn in front of the machine and then be 100% dry 🙂

Service Master ultra clean up team was fixing the dry wall (which was now wet) in the garage and as they were cutting the wall they accidentally cut the main house sewage line….
They quickly called a plumber, who showed up an hour later, forgot his supplies, had a butt crack….awesome.
He fixed it.
An hour later.
….an hour after that we left for Vancouver

While in Vancouver, got rear ended by non-English speaking resident. Awesome.

Hasn’t happened yet, but im sure something will, check back for an update.

Other than those things everything has been great. Vancouver is AWESOME and the people here are extremely nice. Canadians ROCK!

Today we went on a hike up Grouse Mountain with the cool kats from StillMotion. The car accident caused us to be an hour late getting started on the hike, but we still made it up to the top of the mountain and got to have a nice dinner with them. Very cool place and very worth going back. The view is amazing. The hike is killer but in a good way.

Here are some photos from the hike up and then some more photos from the top and also the very cool gondolas that they have up there. I will post some more photos tomorrow once I get them edited.

We are heading to the wedding location tomorrow to check everything out, I might post some photos from that as well. Danielle and I are very excited for Cheryl and Andrews wedding! they got a very special and unique package and we cant wait to shoot their wedding.

Despite all the bumps in the road getting here we would have to say thats its very worth it. Vancouver is beautiful, Cheryl and Andrew are awesome, and were stoaked to shoot their wedding 🙂

~Casey Warren

A look up at the start of the hike.

Sunlight coming through the branches


Your basic forest….

Peeking through the trees to see if we could see the view.

This is the partial view from the top overlooking Vancouver.

The food here is soooo soo good, free range and organic, ahhh niiice.

Check out these awesome Gondolas! the fit 100 people, crazy! We rode it down to the bottom when we were done eating.


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i adore this whole set. it sets the mood, it brings me to this place, and it tells a calming and grounding story.

Comment by wrecklessgirl

Gosh, I want to feel bad for you, but you make them all seem so funny! Heythe good news is that bad things happen in 3’s…so change your energy…you should be done:) I hope you guys have an amazing wedding. I miss you both! K

Comment by Kathy Carlisle

Gorgeous pictures! Can’t wait to see what you capture and create from this wedding. You and Danielle inspire me with your works of art.
*Cool kats indeed, some have even called PM “God” : )

Comment by Wanda

wow i luv green pics it inspire, and make me feel good! and nature

Comment by Blackberry Cinema - CINEMAtografĂ­a & FOTOgrafĂ­a

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