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Joanna & Teddy 08.24.08 || A Sunday SDE
August 26, 2008, 9:37 am
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Check out the HD version on Vimeo

We had an amazing time at Joanna & Teddy’s wedding. You wouldn’t know it from watching, but during Joanna and Teddy’s wedding the sky’s were heavily saturated by a torrential downpour of epic proportions. However, this rainy day SDE was a complete pleasure to make because despite all the so called *bad” weather, Joanna and Teddy stuck it out with the biggest and most heartwarming smiles, laughter, and love. You can see from their expressions that no matter what the weather brings, these two only see each other in perfect light. Just because each post is more fun with a photo here is a one from Joanna & Teddy’s Engagement Video Session! Check out the rest here
Their wedding and reception was held at the beautiful Woodmark Hotel in Seattle, Wa.

~Casey W.


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Loved it. Great Steadicam work. I’m sure the couple and the guests enjoyed it.

Comment by John Moon

I am freaking out here!!!!! I cried, got goosebumps, and smiled through the whole thing. I feel like I just watch the most intense trailer for a killer movie. This is ridiculous and I am over the top in love with your work. You have a HUGE talent:) K

Comment by Kathy Carlisle

Freaking amazing work.

Comment by Braeden

Awesome!!!! Great work.

Comment by bluesixcreative

That is crazy cool! I love it!

Comment by Gerald

absolutely stunning… and truly inspiring… my favourite piece from you guys so far, hands down … can’t wait to see more of Danielle’s shots from the day

Comment by Wanda

You guys are absolutely amazing. Wow! We seriously need to work together because our clients NEED your mad skills!

Comment by Airika Pope

so killer! your video work is just so, so good. the ring shot was just plain cool/badarse/creative genius.

Comment by Ryan Flynn

Wonderful cinematic style and perfect song. Love your images too.
Way to go.

Comment by Bob Davis

Thanks for all the totally RAD and WICKED comments! it was truly a pleasure to do the SDE for Joanna and Teddy. Im glad it got such an awesome response! you guys+gals rock!!

~Casey W.

Comment by mindcastle

awesome dof….i luv the steadi shoots, and the cinematic experiencie that u have when somebody see it!…i luv the ocean high heels shoot! casey keep it awesome! gash


Comment by Blackberry Cinema - CINEMAtografía & FOTOgrafía

We just wanted to say thank you again for doing this for us! It was such an amazing surprise! We love it!! Everytime we watch it, it brings us right back to that day. You captured it perfectly! You guys are so amazing and we feel so honored to have worked with you both! Thank you!!

Comment by Teddy & Joanna Lin

Joanna + Teddy,

Thank you guys so MUCH! it was truly a pleasure to film your wedding. I cant wait to meet up and show you guys your final wedding film when Danielle and I finish it up.

Your wedding was incredibly fun. The food was AWESOME, the cake was AWESOME, and even-though it was raining, everyone was having such a great time that it didn’t even matter. When I think back to you wedding day all I remember are smiles, passion, and fun. You guys ROCK! see you soon.

~Casey Warren

Comment by mindcastle

I just wanted to reiterate how amazed and lucky we were to have you guys capture every moment of our wedding. Watching this video gives me goose bumps! Thank you guys again, your work is stunning!

Comment by Teddy & Joanna Lin

Stunning! I wish I had a video like this of my wedding day!

Comment by Maya

Aloha Danielle and Casey!!!

It’s been so long since I’ve heard from you guys!!
I checked out your video…and OMG!!!!
WoW… Duuuhhhh!!! I’m speechless.
So priviledged to have worked with you in the past =)
Keep up the talented work you guys!!!!
Hope all is well on your side..
Take care….

oNe LoVe!
~Janet~ on the island of Maui

Comment by Janet

What an AWESOME video! It really captured the love and spirituality of Joanna and Teddy’s special day. I will definitely recommend Mind Castle to any bride and groom I know.

Comment by Bea and Bruce Andrus

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