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New Stuff* Coming Soon
September 5, 2008, 1:19 pm
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Heading off for a wedding this weekend, check back soon for some new stuff*

~Casey W.


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I’m boycotting on comments from this blog until I get a phone call or e-mail from one of you!!!! Do you understand the severity of this;) LOL…Miss you! K

Comment by Kathy Carlisle

I just discovered your blog and LOVE it! Cool Polaroids too 🙂 is that one with the logo a real picture? How did you get that cool aged look?

Comment by Heather M.

Hello! Saw your blog on Digg, great work! Keep it up, your videos are incredible as well as your photography.


Comment by Andromeda photo and video

Thanks for the great comments!

Kathy – no boycotts, only lovecotts….we’ll call you

Comment by mindcastle

hellow welcome from China. your weblog is very interesting and fun reading, good job on the work of yourse. you both must require lots of talents. Fun 😉


Comment by Xiochan Huang

OMG! Your photography is AMAZING! I just saw that wedding in a magazine! Beautiful!


Comment by Cameron

Glad to see Polaroids back in style agian, too bad the company shut down. Keep it up, maybe theyll start making them agian.

Comment by Vivante Studios

casey and danielle, stunning work. Cinematography is very clean, what kind of lighting to you use? Do you use Steadicam? What model is it?

Thanks, Laurence 😉

Comment by Aussie Film School

Love the Polaroids!

Comment by Sarah

great blog reading, stumbled upon your blog on Digg. Very Cool, wicked videos and very nice photos.



Comment by VisualAir

Gorgeous pictures! Beautiful films. Are you based out of Seattle or Tacoma?

J. M.

Comment by Jannis Montgomery

saw your slideshow at Ashley and Evans wedding today. It was AMAZING!!!!! I’m getting married next summer and I want YOU guys to take the photos!!


Comment by Connor K.

killer style. You are aces!

Comment by Jill

Top notch work guys. Like the blog header photo too, who took it?


Comment by Lewis P

I am a commercial director from NYC and I stumbled upon your Vimeo work. You have a very unique eye for compositions and framing. Your editing is beautiful and very well paced to the music. I’d have to say that I would highly recommend you to anyone who asks about wedding cinematography or photography. Keep it up, maybe we’ll see you guys up here sometime.


Phil Stienburgh

Comment by Phil Stienburgh


We would love to do your wedding! Send me an email at mindcastle@mac.com. I tried emailing you but it said there was an error!


Comment by mindcastle

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