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Nathan + Jenna || Sunny Sunday SDE || Oct 26th, 2008
October 28, 2008, 6:43 pm
Filed under: Cinematography, Seattle Weddings

This weekend the sun came out, the cold weather cleared up and all the fall colors came out in their full glory! On Sunday, Danielle and I headed out to Lord Hill Farms in Snohomish, WA to film Nathan and Jenna’s wedding! Turned out to be an awesome day with a ton of love and emotion.

It felt like we were with friends and family rather than a vendor. Nathan, Jenna and both their families are truly special. Thanks to everyone who was there and I hope you all enjoyed the SDE.

Be sure to check the larger higher quality & HD version HERE.

Also, it was great working with Kate McElwee who did all the still photography at the wedding. You can catch glimpses of her rocking it in the video, cant wait to see the photos. You can look at some photos from Nathan and Jenna’s engagement shoot on her BLOG. She was incredibly relaxed and easy to very work with, totally rockstar as well!!

~Casey W.

Nathan + Jenna || SDE from Casey Warren on Vimeo.


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Speechless…that never happens, right:) You two are the most amazing thing since shredded cheese in a bag and my love for you is stronger then 1 yr old Halloween taffy. Another amazing video under your belt and your making the world a happier place, one video at a time. Keep it up. Love, K

Comment by Kathy Carlisle

Woooooah …. guys, I am just speechless. I really can’t explain to you how incredible it is, and how awesome it was working with you too – your work is outstanding. It brought tears to my eyes watching the video at the reception, and again just now. Wow. OK, now I have to go back and watch it one more time. You guys ROCK!!

Comment by Kate

Hi guys: we left a message for you on your facebook group but I thought I’d reproduce it here:

It’s unfortunate that when one usually thinks of wedding videography, the first thing that comes to mind is drab, static, and sometimes grainy footage that does no justice to the beauty inherent in marriage. Mind Castle, however, takes this mold and utterly destroys it.

To Casey and Danielle: you guys rock. Somehow you managed to ignore the chaos of almost 300 guests, the stress of late bridal party members and important family, premature cupcake-eating snafus, a bride and groom who were severely sleep-deprived, and a grueling and constantly shifting schedule – and through some voodoo magic that only you two possess, your same-day-edit reminded Jenna and I of how spectacular it is to actually get married. What you showed was breathtaking, and, aside from the actual act of becoming husband and wife, was by far the highlight of our wedding day.

Our thanks go to the both of you. All the beer in the world couldn’t repay this one.

Comment by Nathan and Jenna

This was absolutely stunning! I have never seen a wedding video that was so amazing! I wish I had something like this to remember my wedding day. Wow!

Comment by Breanna

I’m Jenna’s brother, and I echo Nathan’s and Jenna’s comment that aside from the wedding itself, the video was the highlight of the night.

Jenna and Nathan were so tired and stressed, and working with you guys was one of the few times that they seemed genuinely happy and excited. I can’t tell you how many times I heard how cool you guys are.

Jenna and Nathan are two of the most important people in my life, and although they said how amazing your work was, I never thought a movie could capture how beautiful that event was to me. I was wrong.

Comment by Ian Fisher

Somebody just stepped up their game 🙂

Awesome stuff guys.


Comment by Patrick Moreau

Wowsers! This is amazing you guys–seriously, everything about it rocks, but I think my fav part is the red tree. Simply stunning. All I have to say is that I wish you had been around to record my wedding.

Comment by Airika Pope

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