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Katie & Joe|| Wedding SDE
February 15, 2009, 8:15 pm
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I wanted to share Katie & Joe’s wedding SDE while we are away at WPPI. . Katie & Joe’s wedding was absolutely amazing! Katie & Joe are awesome people. They are a blast to work with and trust us to create beautiful images for them. Plus you can totally see the love they have for each other. One of my favorite parts of the wedding was Joe’s reaction to Katie walking towards him during the First Look. We did some photos at the Golf Course but when the opportunity arose to go offsite and shoot at a dock we were all for it. What we didn’t know was that we were going to end up having Katie & Joe walk into a bunch of twigs for the shoot. Even though it was a bit tricky, I am really happy with how the images turned out! As Katie’s sister kelsey said, the site was “epic.” And that is how I feel about the SDE. So sit back and enjoy the video we played at their reception.

[Vimeo 3196689]

Because every post is better with an image I thought I would share one image from the day! Also, once we return from WPPI I am going to do a write up about doing both CINEMA and PHOTO at one wedding.


We were able to work with some really great people for this wedding.
PHOTOGRAPHY|| MIND|Castle Studios with Michelle Moore second shooting
VENUE: Audra & Rachel at Ingelwood Golf Course
COORDINATION: Katy of Unveiled Events

Everyone did an amazing job making this wedding a success!


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You guys are definitely amazing. I said it the day of, and I’ll continue to say it. That SDE was simply beautiful and it’s nice to see what I missed with I was behind the mixing booth.

I’m still waiting for my earpiece, btw. Ha!!

A fan,
Craig Nisperos (aka the DJ at the wedding)

PS – let me know if I can plug you on my blog. I got my pictures from the wedding up there, but I’m sure people will want to see your vid and pics.

Comment by Craig Nisperos

This is the last draw…I have to find out that you are at WPPI through your blog? You’re fired..and I am having my connections in Vegas take you down, or at least make you need a patch for real;) Hope you guys are having a blast. Soak it all in. Find Shannon and tell her that “you saw a man with in a kilt just down the way…get your camera and go fast!”

Comment by Kathy Carlisle

Now that I was able to get past the first sentence…I see that I missed what the whole post was about;) There was a video in this post, and it is unreal!! What a beautiful couple and you captured their love story perfectly. I feel like I know them:) What can you possibly b going to WPPI to learn..you know it all. Oh, you guys are going to sign autographs for all of your fans, I get it. K

Comment by Kathy Carlisle

Wow guys! You captured the couple in the most amazing way. I almost cried just watching it. You guys are so increadibly talented!

Love you guys!

Comment by Ali

This video was amazing! Great job. Who sings the song you used for it? Thanks!

Comment by Teanna

It was SO amazing to watch you guys create this from beginning to end! I just got goosebumps watching it again! The part where Katie walks down to meet her dad, I remember everyone was crying at the reception when they saw it….. Words cannot describe the impact this video will have on Katie & Joe for the rest of their lives. Brilliant!

Comment by moorephoto

I am absolutely speechless…the video and pictures of this couples wedding are amazing!

Very nice indeed!


Comment by Wedding Website

Supa dupa awesome guys! LOVE this video

Comment by April G

Hey guys,

GREAT VIDEO ! I love all the videos you post. I did have a question what Steady Cam system do you use ?

Comment by Jay

Ugh – Brooke fraser! Icing on the cake!

Comment by Lauranne

Wow! I can’t believe that’s a SDE – unbelievable! Wow!

Comment by Katie [shadowplay]

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