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Gilbert, we still love yah bud…
March 2, 2009, 2:51 am
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We’ve had Gilbert now for about a year and three months.…..He’s still a youngin’ and he’s still rockin’ the puppy mentality as if he was just 6 weeks old.

We’ve noticed that having a dog is pretty essential to our everyday life.….why, because he’s not only an excellent feet heater, door guardian, fence sniffer, foot licker, bun warmer, camping buddy, sheet burrower, and Steadicam “see how fast I can chase something on the ground” practice model, but most of all he is a mini best friend, family member and.…….super efficient maid around the house.

Here are many of his most useful tasks:
#1 He helps with the dishes (licking them while they are in the dish washer)

#2 He keeps the floor squeaky clean by attacking dirty socks and dragging them across the floor at warp speed, in effect, thoroughly keeping up the just-polished look. I’ve even contemplated putting some PineSol on the bottom of the socks and see if he could polish as well as sanitize, killin’ two birds with one stone.

#3 Gilbert is also constantly vigilant and on the look out for any dropped food during the breakfast, lunch, and diner activities, which is handy if your hands are full holding a tasty taco and some meat falls out onto the floor and you cant reach down to grab it.

In return for helping Danielle and I out with the house we tend to treat Gilbert like he’s the king of the place….and in turn he acknowledges this and rules with in iron paw. One thing he truly enjoys is TOYS, Toys and more TOYS.….we spent hundreds of dollars on toys, and like any dog he’s gotta have some fun in life playing with things that make extremely high pitched noises, squeak like they are dying, or are part of some animal (such as his new favorite: the deer antler)


HOWEVER.……these toys are things that are played with for about two seconds and then dropped….given up on….and become BOOORING …gradually fading off into something that he just leaves in his bed…or somewhere in the abyss that is underneath the couch. After he’s had his 2.25 second run with each new toy he looks for something new….and let me tell you….he has found his top three NEW toys that NEVER get boring….however, naturally, they are some of the most inconvenient things on the face of the Earth for a dog to literally become obsessed with…


Number 1: Is the $29 Giottos air puffer that is used to clean off dust off camera lenses

Number 2: Any type of plastic water bottle…big to small, he loves them. And will happily steal them from you when you are not looking. Its perfect when there is a little water in them, and he shakes them and sprays water all over the house as he flees upstairs

Number 3: Hangers.…….you can image how this all goes down on closet clean up nights.… scenario: You just get a nice crisp shirt back from the cleaners and then you decide to go put in into the closet and all the hangers have been stolen from your bed and scattered throughout the house.

But in the end….its doesn’t really matter what toys be likes, he’s our best friend the companion. Gilbert….don’t worry buddy, we will always love you no matter what toys you choose 🙂


Sleeping Standing up.


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Soooooo sweet. The love we share with our pooches is such an amazing bond, isn’t it? My whippet can be the biggest PITA sometimes, but she still has her head slung over my arm as I type this. 🙂

Great exhibits. They really complete the story. 🙂 I had to laugh about the 2 second toy thing. We definitely have that going on in our house.

I’ve been meaning to write something about our baby girl. So thanks for the smile and inspiration. 🙂

Comment by Kristen Turick

hahaha! I love the “sleeping standing up” photo that is AMAZING!

Comment by Sarah Rhoads

don’t you love how you buy your dog all these dope toys, and then all they want to play with is random trash? just one more reason to love ’em 🙂

Comment by ryan flynn

so your dog ate the camera puffer? it lasted all of 2 minutes with our pup. They’re not cheap to replace, either!

Comment by april greer

So true… we quit buying toys for our cats a long time ago. All they ever want to play with are q-tips and zip ties!

Comment by Gerald

Yea, I sure missed the little stinker on cheap cheap chicken Monday!!!

Comment by KGK

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